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Hello, I’m Jumpropeman!

The Game Hoard was inspired by my ever-expanding enormous game collection and my wide range of playing video games from all the different genres across many platforms. The goal is exactly as the tagline reads: play every video game ever released! Along the way I shall also be giving my thoughts on the games I have played so that others may benefit from this journey. On this site, you can expect to see a few series consistently, as well as the occasional unique feature when an idea strikes me.

The main series you can expect to see include:

Here, I’ll be digging deep into the hoard to pull out video games that existed from the Sixth Generation of gaming consoles and further back. Basically, games made for the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, and any system made before those four will be given a look through modern eyes. Will nostalgia be able to hold up?

Starting at the cut off point of A Glance At The Past, this will contain reviews of any video game on a system from the Seventh Generation of gaming consoles onward. PS3, Xbox 360, the Wii, the DS, and so on until the present. These are the games you can still walk into a store and find on the shelves, so it’s important to know if they’re any good!

In Disaster Report, I will be taking a video game that is particularly awful and deconstructing it in an extended format. Expect any game in one of these blogs to be the worst of the worst and to get utterly torn apart for being so.

A new series may pop up at any time! Check back here to see if any new features have been added to the site, and rest assured, I’m already imagining a few for the future!

Besides describing and evaluating the games featured in these segments, I will also be giving them a rating on a scale of my own creation. Number scales are improperly weighed these days due to the industry trend towards undervaluing high numbers and making the midpoint not actually the middle. Instead, I decided to make this rather common sense scale by which I’ll judge every game on this blog!

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