This page exists so I may show my utter appreciation for everyone who has contributed to my Patreon! If you want to be thanked here, all you have to do is donate $10 or higher over at and your site can be shared here too! I’m extremely thankful to all my patrons. You’re letting me do what I love and I hope I can live up to the faith you’ve placed in me!




A big thanks to HARPY, the first patron to the Game Hoard! She writes some excellent fiction over at so go give it a look! I’ve been reading her stuff for years already! I’d personally recommend The Studious Witch and the Giant of Frost.


Another heartfelt thanks goes out to my good friend LESIEUR, who writes some impressive fiction over at so check it out! As a writer, I aspire to have a grip of syntax and wording such as his, and the way he weaves songs and poetry so well is certainly enviable!

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